Petroleum Equipment

Sale, Rental, and Installation of Petroleum Equipment for an Informed Choice

Our services go even further!

The sale, delivery and handling of petroleum products hold no secrets for us. Since 1953, our experts make sure to guide you in the choice of petroleum equipment necessary for your business.

Fuel Tanks

Our range of tanks is made up of a wide choice:
ULC steel industrial aboveground tanks (from 1200 to 5000 litres).
Van tanks for refuelling.

Pumps for All Products

Electric pumps (110 volts or 12 volts)
Manual rotary and push pumps
Compressed air pumps

Complementary Accessories for Fuels

Pump gun
Level gauges
Fuel management systems

The PC Dupuis


Our repair service is at your fingertips to restore your equipment, if necessary.


To keep them in good condition, their regular maintenance is essential. Our team travels to do it.

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