Lubricants and Special Products

Lubricants and Special Products

Since 2007, Pétroles Dupuis et Fils offers you a range of high-performance lubricants and special products from renowned brands such as Chevron, Petro-Canada, Mobil, Liqui Moly, Kleen Flo and Sunoco.

Whether for your needs in engine and transmission oils, hydraulic fluids or multipurpose greases, our experts will guide you to the right product at the best price!

Designed for your heavy vehicles and industrial equipment, our multipurpose oils and greases meet the highest industry standards.

BioBlend Products

Eco-friendly lubricants

We offer a wide variety of lubricants that come from renewable raw materials or are biodegradable.

Carefully selected for the quality of their yield, all our organic products meet environmental standards. Try them out!

Among the range of organic products available at PC Dupuis
  • Organic hydraulic oil
  • Grease in an organic tube
  • Organic formwork oil
  • Organic drilling oil

Several other eco-friendly lubricants are also available upon request.

A well-oiled machine!

Synthetic or Mineral Oils for Engines

  • Gasoline engine oil
    0W20, 5W20 et 5W30
  • Diesel engine oil
    15W40, 10W30, 10W40, 5W40 et 0W40

Hydraulic, Trans-Hydraulic and ATF Transmission Oils

All these products are formulated to optimize your equipment’s performance and reduce its maintenance.
  • Grades of hydraulic fluids
    AW22, AW32, AW46, AW68, XV, MV and all seasons
  • Available formats
    20 litres, 205 litres or in bulk

Multipurpose Greases

These greases provide superior performance, long-lasting protection for your machinery and greasing systems.
  • EP1 and EP2 formulas
  • Precision XL
    Regular, 3% Moly or 5% Moly
  • Peerless
    OG2 Red, OG2 White or 3% Moly formulas
  • Synthetic with extended temperature range

Available formats :

  • Case of 30 to 40 tubes
  • 17 kg boiler
  • 54 or 175 kilo barrel

Urea DEF

Urea DEF for Diesel Engines

Urea, or diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), is specially formulated for selective catalytic reduction systems in new diesel engines.

To meet the growing demand for DEF, PC Dupuis offers a wide choice, such as the BLUE LEAF and H-GO brands, suitable for a wide range of industrial and agricultural uses.

Urée DEF

Available formats:

  • 9.46 litre container
  • 208 litre barrel
  • 1250 litre cube
  • Bulk delivery

Windshield washer -40 ° and -45 °

Available formats:

  • Case of 4 times 3.7 litres
  • 208 litre barrel
  • 1050 litre cube
  • Bulk delivery

Antifreeze (Prestone)

  • 50/50 prediluted green
  • 50/50 prediluted long-lasting red, with or without nitrite
  • 50/50 universal yellow

Available formats:

  • Box of 4 or 6 times 3.7 litres
  • 208 litre barrel
  • 1050 litre cube
  • Bulk delivery

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NSF Food Grade Fats and Oils
Our NSF food grade products are available upon request. For more information, contact us!

Diesel conditioners
Our regular or winter Kleen Flo diesel fuel conditioners are available upon request.